Saturday, July 11, 2009

Today Is Not That Day, Part 3

Some day, I say, some day will be the day when I say "I wish I sent my kids to school."

Today is not that day. That link is to the Big List of female teachers who had sex with their students. They're probably not all guilty, but there are at least ten times as many who are that are not on the list.

It was very common when I was a teen, particularly in the private school. There were plenty of 20-something teachers and lots of privileged kids and neither really risked much. I heard lots of rumors about the corpulent principal as well, which may have been true. Some of these women have molested children who are 8-years-old, however, which I put in an entirely different category than 18-, 17-, even 16-year-olds. There's a line between bad judgment and mental derangement. I don't know where it is between 18 and 8, but it's there--and way closer to 18.

This link from Kiaran Lunch, where Hector notes that men have been demonized as dangers to children, almost to the point where they simply don't work with them any longer, and yet the sexual predation continues.

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