Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pride of Workmanship

The new cable box is pretty good, though it lacks some of the niceties of the old one.

One thing I can't believe--makes me groan whenever I see it--is that the movie guide is in alphabetical order, but includes "The" as part of the sort.

So, you might see:

The Apple Dumpling Gang
The Color Purple

(Sigh.) I've learned to accept the use of ASCII-like sorting, such that all the numbered entries appear at the top (40 Year Old Virgin should go in "F"), but this is just plain don't-care-sloppiness.

The guide itself seems to have different content, and less guide info, including missing the information about when a program is going to stop being available.

Meanwhile, the new cable box takes, I'm told, 45 minutes to reboot. Let that sink in for moment. 45. Minutes. Actually, when we rebooted here, it took 4 hours, because it's not just rebooting, it's downloading information, and lots of people were apparently rebooting at the same time.

I can download many gigabytes in four hours. Why do I get the feeling that this particular application hasn't been optimized?

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