Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Rare Week

Didn't hit the movies this weekend, first time this year, I think. Certainly since I got the new job. Last week hit How To Train Your Dragon and Breathless (the 50th anniversary). Week before the Shrek 4.

Not a great sign this early in the "summer" movie season to be wanting for films to see, but the ones we've seen have all been various degrees of entertaining. Nothing really spectacular though.

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  1. I love your movie reviews. The problem (for me) is that you tend to see and review movies when they first come out and I get around to seeing them once they hit Netflix or on-demand.

    For instance, I just saw Drag Me To Hell a couple of weeks ago. I am pretty sure you reviewed it and would love to go back and compare notes. It would be great if there was some list or search function to find past reviews.

    I'm not sure what is possible in Blogger and realize that this is kind of a hobby for you, but your reviews are very good and deserve to be read and re-read if possible.


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