Friday, May 15, 2015

Kung Fu Killer

One of the easiest ways to get The Boy to a movie, regardless of time or film is to say "Oh, hey, looks like our last chance to see..."—and it really doesn't matter how you finish that sentence, he's up for it.

In this case, I finished the sentence with Kung Fu Killer, Teddy Chan's chop-socky martial arts festival about a serial-killer who specializes in killing only the masters of various branches of martial arts.

Which, you know, seems like a dangerous theme compared to, say, taking out fat chicks or senior citizens. Add to that he apparently has to kill them by beating them at their own game. Although, in fairness, some of them are retired. Or disabled. Or just not very good, apparently.

The Boy and I agreed that, while we enjoyed this film, it was not nearly "batshit" enough. The closing fight is wonderfully over the top, with the last men standing duking it out in the middle of a busy roadway, trucks full of convenient construction related items and occasionally bamboo fighting staffs. There's also a great battle early on that takes place on top of a giant replica of the human skeleton.

And, the action is good overall, but I think we figure once you break out the wires—you know, when you signal that physics don't really apply—then why not just go whole hog?

So, fun, for sure. Worth a look, if you're into the fighting flicks at all. Better than most of the action movies we'll see this year, at least in terms of the actual action parts.

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