Sunday, October 11, 2009

Introducing A New Series: Idiot with a Pencil

Through a series of unfortunate circumstances, I have come into possession of a scanner and have dug up some of my general idiocy from the dusty confines of the Casa Maelstrom archives.

I am not, by any definition an artist, but am an idiot, and I do love to draw. The kids seem to enjoy it as a group activity, and The Boy had an elaborate game he called "Paper Wars" where we would draw various monsters and do sort-of kindergarten "Magic: The Gathering". (The Flower is really starting to impress me with her drawings.)

Anyway, I thought I'd present this self-portrait from about five years ago.

OK, that's actually from How to Draw Monsters, Weirdoes & Aliens, but the resemblance is uncanny!


  1. A what from "How to draw Monsters"?

    First free association upon seeing your monster: Link.
    And video: Link.

  2. Actually, the "a" is superfluous.

  3. Well I hope it was ok to post that photo of you?


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