Monday, October 12, 2009

Manic Monday Apocalypso: The Wages (and Prices) Of Sin

The beauty of the Apocalypse is that it comes in so many flavors, to appeal to so many people. Ya gotcher Rapture, your Ragnarok, your Mayan 2012, and of course such modern classics as nuclear holocaust, zombie-or-zombie-like contagion, overpopulation or just good old famine. Something for everyone to enjoy.

But, of course, the end of the world is more likely to come in a more banal way, or at least always has in the past. Which brings us to Forty Centuries of Wage and Price Controls, a book written 30 years ago, in the wake of Nixon's (et al.) disastrous experiments with wage and price controls.

Schuettinger and Butler show us the decline of great civilizations that followed those civilization's "elite" tampering with the free market. From Hammurabi and the Pharaohs to the Soviets and Weimar, the drives are similar and the results always the same.

Despite this, these "experiments" are repeated over and over again. Keep that in mind next time you talk to someone calling himself a "progressive".

Seems like the only truly progressive idea is that man should be free to govern his own affairs.


  1. blake, have you seen that "Paranormal Activity" movie yet? Don't know whether to believe the hype.

  2. I haven't, it just opened locally, so I'll probably go see it this week.

  3. knox--

    Short review: Solid, old-dark house flick by-way-of Blair Witch.

    I'd recommend it for you.


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