Friday, February 10, 2012

Conversations From The Living Room, Part 35: These Aren't The Applicants You're Looking For

"How does that not-the-droid-you're-looking-for thing work? Some kinda Jedi/Force thing?"
"Yeah. But it only works on the weak-minded. Er, originally."
"So, Darth Vader's incompetent at hiring people?"
"I don't think he's actually down in HR screening the applicants."
"Don't think about it. Down that road lies nerd-dom."


  1. Recent conversation, if you can call it that, with my 6-yr-old Hank:

    Hank: Mom.
    "I'm busy!"
    Hank: Mom!
    "Hold on!"
    Hank: MOM!!!
    Hank: Do you know about the Imperial Starfleet?

  2. They were just moving into position over Alderaan!


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