Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Boy Gets A "B"

The Boy was very pleased to discover he'd received a "B" in his first college course. I'm--well, I come from a family where "A"s were expected, and barely noted, but I was pleased because there was a lot of work and pressure associated with this grade. He went from keeping his own schedule and deadlines to keeping someone else's very quickly.

And what's more, he learned stuff. He can talk about movies now in a fairly erudite fashion. I often found more than a bit of disconnect between classes I learned from and classes I got "A"s in.

Anyway, I learned stuff, too, about what he needs work on. And, not surprising, it's just more reading and writing. That's what education used to be, mostly: reading and writing. And, mostly we're talking form and style, with a few grammatical/punctuation issues. The content of what he wrote was pretty damn good. (He wrote a "memoir" of himself from the perspective of his shoes. Funny guy.)

Homeschooling or not, exposing your kid to a college class ahead of time is probably a good idea. Recommended.


  1. Regarding your recommendation, I couldn't agree more. No matter what we choose to do about my son's education in higher grades, that's a given, as far as I'm concerned.

    (I took four university courses my senior year in high school, and it was definitely helpful, especially since I mostly just coasted through all my A's in high school classes. I still got A's in the college courses that year, but I had to do some work and pay attention to time management skills to do it along with all the other stuff in which I was involved. Invaluable experience.)

  2. Nobody likes a bragger reader.


  3. At least we have "W" for all of us "C" students out there.

  4. Oh, for pete's sake, Trooper: I all but said I was slacker in some ways. It's the non-slackers who really make a success of themselves. Some of them even open and run their own successful businesses. Ahem.

  5. Hey it's the wife's business.

    I am just Angelo Dundee.

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  7. You compliment someone, point out what you think is far more important in life, and what do you get? Quoted out of context. LOL.

  8. That'll larn me: Stick to being a Twit. Much less a minefield.

  9. If you don't show up enough, I have to take every opportunity to tease you.

    Didn't you have a brother?


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