Monday, August 17, 2009

Conversations From The Living Room, Part 22: OK, Now Mime Being Dead

[When I come out, The Flower is miming. Nobody knows why she does this or how she learned all the mime tropes, but some days she just wakes up and has to mime everything, as well as do the "trapped in a box", "walking in the wind", and so on.

The Barbarian, naturally, finds this irritating and is ordering her to stop. The Flower also intuitively knows that the first rule of miming which is: If you're irritating, you know you're doing it right.]
The Barb: "Stop! Stop doing that! Stop!"
[I wiggle the Barb's toes.]
The Barb: "Hey, let go of my toe!"
Me: "Feeling bossy today?"
The Barb: [looking surprised] "ME, TOO!"

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