Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An Amendment That Would Never Be Passed Today

The pursuit of health being a necessary part of the pursuit of happiness, Congress shall pass no law abridging the rights of the individual to pursue it, nor respecting an establishment thereof.


  1. "I oppose the nationalization of the individual."

  2. The Dems will become the Nationalized Health (Na-He) Party.

  3. (and I don't mean sodium-helium)

  4. Even if it were passed, I don't think it would be effective in stopping nationalized healthcare. It's coming, eventually, it's just a matter of time. Short of some sort of libertarian revolution, that is.

    Oh, to look on the bright side, I suppose there's an outside chance it could be permanently retired, if the free market could ever get a chance to regain its footing with HSAs.

  5. My hope, knox, is that these next four (or two) years, give us a real taste of Big Government with all its warts, and that we recoil from that.

    It's gonna be painful. Short term and long term. But with luck, it's a lesson for this generation. (Then we'll need another one 30 years from now, I s'pose.)


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