Saturday, July 11, 2009

Yesterday's Perils, Todays Amusing Anecdote About The Quaintness of the Past

The famously hard-hitting news magazine program "60 Minutes" back in 1985 ran this hard-hitting exposé exposing the hard-hitting dangers of the pen and paper role-playing game "Dungeons and Dragons".

Marvel at the logic, science and reason used to give people who clearly have researched their position, and the journalism that strives to give equal weight to every argument. Because of course, every argument deserves equal weight. If some people think reading is good and others think it's deadly, well, the latter should be given just as much time as the former. More if they know someone who's been clubbed to death with a book.

So, enjoy this shining example of American journalism from one of journalism's most respected journalists.

Because, you know, why would you question a grieving mother who assures you her son was perfectly sane before shooting himself in the chest over a game.

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  1. The two things the press loves the most: anecdotes and correlations. They're sure their journalism degree is equal to one in science; intelligent people tend to have degrees.


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