Thursday, July 23, 2009

Conversations From The Living Room, Part 20: Lord of the Flies

[the Barbarienne has something cupped in her hand]
"This is my pet fly!"
[I lean in. She does indeed have a fly in her hand.]
"You do!"
"His name is Jeremy."
"Jeremy loves me. Jeremy hates you."
"No, Jeremy loves you."


  1. Has she been reading the comment section at Althouse again?

    Be glad she didn't have a Titus fly in her hand...

    (if a fly pinches a loaf in a child's hand, does it make a sound?)

  2. Yeah, I couldn't believe it when she said "Jeremy".

    "That's exactly how I picture him, too!"

  3. That can't be right. Jeremy attachs fly's.

  4. Did you show her how to tie a human hair around the fly and have it on a leash?

  5. Fly isn't a low enough form of life...


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