Saturday, February 20, 2010

Can We Stop Calling Them Pro-Choice Now?

Look, I consider myself pro-choice. Ish. On the one hand, I embrace the pro-life argument: From conception, the zygote/embryo/fetus is a living organism; it's human (I don't really buy that it's not quite human yet or whatever the justification is); morally, we're left with murder, or at best, self-defense.

I guess I shouldn't say "pro-choice" but "anti-law". 'cause if we take the moral absolute for our baseline for law, we end up with every woman's uterus being a potential crime-scene. The potential for government mischief is boundless.

Abortions have always been done. The strongest deterrent, however, has probably been religion. I think if abortions are to be prevented, it's really got to be up to religion. (It sure would be nice if the government stopped paying for them, though.)

But let's not split hairs, shall we? While I think only a very small fraction of pro-life types are actually anti-sex or anti-choice, the mouthpieces of choice are, essentially, pro-abortion. The rabid hatred of Sarah Palin over Trig was indicative. But the howling over a benign Superbowl commercial that didn't even mention abortion?

Yeah. You guys aren't pro-choice. You're pro-abortion. Abortion, remarkably, survived WWII without the taint of eugenics. Margaret Sanger was all about stopping the non-whites from reproducing, yet somehow remains a hero and frequently cited hero for Planned Parenthood. (At least the FBI has the taste to be a little ashamed of Hoover.) Planned Parenthood's holy grail is forced sterilization; Not so much with the "pro-choice".

Now all the feminist groups have aligned with the environmental groups, and the environmental groups have never relinquished their Malthusian influences either. John Holdren advises Obama on "science" matters, and he's a big fan of forced abortions and other means of "birth control", too.

So, yeah. Not pro-choice. Like many other slippery moral paths, an expression of a desire for "freedom" to do something traditionally considered immoral hides a desire to force people onto that path.


  1. For more on how "Pro-Choice" these eugenic abortion pushers are - check out the film: Maafa21 - here-

  2. You guys aren't pro-choice. You're pro-abortion.

    Sad, but true. Not sure where that impulse is coming from, but it's undeniably true. And I, too, consider myself pro-choice.


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