Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dumb Avatar Things, #1

OK, maybe this won't be a series. But this thing was so damn stupid, it very well could be.

In the movie, the villains (humans) had waldoes—which are a classic sci-fi invention, as are the movie's "avatars", but that's a separate discussion—as seen in Cameron's magnum opus Aliens.

In Avatar, the waldoes are entirely military. As someone said, "It's Fern Gully meets Halo." (The Boy objects to that, and since I haven't played Halo, I don't know. The Fern Gully part is dead on.)

Anyway, the waldoes are loaded up with guns and missiles and, in the climactic battle, a knife.

I'm not kidding. The giant robot had a knife. A big Crocodile Dundee-style "that's not a knife" knife.

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