Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lazier and Stupider Than I Thought

Trooper York advised me to drop the whole "Obama is stupid and lazy" meme, on the basis of the government's ability to persecute its enemies—something he, as a New Yorker, is all too familiar with—and that was probably wise, given the way this administration seems to work.

But—man, oh, man—it's like the guy is baiting me. Maybe the blog prof is wrong here, but I suspect not. Obama bought liability and then expected to have his car repaired. And what's with disparaging a business satisfying the legal requirements? What else are they gonna do?

It's that stuff that worries me. I know people get to be that age without even a basic grasp of—not even economics!—but the simple mechanics of how business works. I mean, insurance is a trickier product than a lemonade, but it's still providing a service for a cost with enough left to make a profit.


Oh, yeah, and there's the whole not-leading-the-whole-national-health-reform-process-until-it's-gone-to-hell-only-to-submit-a-bill-nearly-identical-to-the-rejected-Senate-bill-only-more-expensive-and-then-having-a-summit-where-he's-completely-unprepared-to-address-any-real-concerns-thing, too.

But I'm sort of inured to that level of stupidity and laziness by this point. You?


Now, if you were a civic-minded fellow (the sort that might run for President) wouldn't your first inclination be to try to figure out why you weren't covered? I mean, if you were supposed to be covered, and you weren't, that sounds criminal, doesn't it?

Remember, you're not just civic-minded, but a community activist and future or current law student! Personally, I'm sort allergic to legal procedings and even I would've considered small claims court.


  1. I know all kinds of people, but I don't know anyone who thinks liability coverage covers anything but liability.

    Not understanding that indicates one is rather irresponsible. The story reflects badly on the teller of it.

  2. Dude you are walking around with a target on your back.

  3. Sometimes it's best to couch what you really think in the form of a Serlock Holmes story. Or with blue Avaters or whatever the other posts are about.

  4. Yeah, I know, Troop. But I'm an American. It's not in my nature to shut up.

  5. Freem--

    The thing that gets me is, after 25 years, nobody's ever taken the guy aside and said, "Hey, Barry...Really, that's not how it works, and you look like a moron when you tell that story."

  6. At least, not so that it's taken, which is another issue, I guess.

  7. This is an old thread at this point, but that statement didn't surprise me, dumb as it was.

    Many on the left see business as inherently corrupt or out to cheat them-- even if they are culpable in their own predicament. Furthermore, somehow I don't see Obama as particularly business-or insurance- friendly.


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