Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Signs of the Times, Part III: Inhale, Exhale (repeat as needed)

[On the inside of a hotel shower.]

"To prevent scalding, adjust thermostat before entering shower."


  1. Every morning I turn the shower head to fce the shower curtain while I adjust the water temperture to the scalding hot I like. I never face it to the wall because I am always afaid of leaks and I haven't the time to grout the tiles again. Anyway when I finish I turn it sideways again as I shut off the water. The wife who always gets up after me, heats up the water through the bottom faucet without turning on the vavle that makes it a shower. She always gets the water just right and then turns the valve, getting a snoot full of water as it goes all over the floor. If that happens once it happened twenty times.

    Of course it is my fault that I didn't change it back not that she didn't check it.

    It's like leaving the toilet seat up.

    One of the many perils of the married life.

  2. Hey, I don't think I ever saw you delete anything.....are you getting spammed....or worse....trolled...there seems to be a lot of that going around these days.

  3. I've never heard of a thermostat being needed to be adjusted to set the shower temperature. Must be some interesting plumbing in that hotel.

  4. Jason, some shower valves have a dual control. One control regulates the volume of water and the other control adjusts the water temperature.

    They are inexpensive, require no special plumbing, and can be installed in any shower.

    Trooper, with some effort, women can be taught to leave the toilet seat up when they finish.

  5. I assume it's a sign of the times due to the number of scaldies (is that a word?) who have sued hotels.
    My shower at home is great in that full hot is hot but not scalding and stays that way no matter how long I take to shower.
    But cheap motel showers are another matter. The water can come out cold for five minutes or it can go up to scalding in a second -- no telling. Plus, once you're in the shower the slightest touch can take you from scalding to icy cold or vicy versy.
    Finally, my biggest complaint with motels when I'm on the road is that nine out of ten times the floor is scuzzy. The worst.
    Well, that's my shower commentary. And fer chrise sakes what's with the paper thin towels?!

  6. TY--

    Yeah, spammers. Asian spammers.

  7. Actually, this was just a simple, single handle controlling both flow and temperature.

    So...yeah, no explanation. Well, except lawyers.

  8. "AHHHH! I'm burning! It's burning!"
    "What?! What?!"
    "My skin! AHHHH, it's so HOT! AHHHH!!!"
    "Turn the little arrow more towards COLD."
    ... "Thank God you were here. I could have died in there."

    It's a dangerous world.

  9. Blake, I need to ask you a question in your field of expertise. Can you email me at so I can ask you something?


  10. The next place I stayed at solved it by not having any hot water.

    So there's that inevitability, I suppose.


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