Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Preoccupation...

You guys have left some great comments, much appreciated. I hope to address them in a bit when I catch up on things.

Unlike some quitters, though, I'm not going to be running away to worship God. (He pretty much told me he needs me on the front lines. I think I'm supposed to be fodder.)

It's crunch time, diet-wise for The Boy. The doctor has reduced his meat intake dramatically, so he has little choice but to eat veggies or starve. (And starving's not an option.) I'm showing my solidarity here, so I'm also downing the rabbit chow.

I'll have a review of I Love You, Man soon. (Executive summary: Romantic comedy where the principles are straight males. Surprisingly charming and female friendly.)

Also, the refrigerator broke, distilling water is more complicated than it seems, the pilot light on the water heater keeps going out, and (on the positive side) I've apparently won Darcy.

No, don't tell me it was April Fool's Day. I don't wanna know.


  1. Do you really distill your own? Cost? Convenience?

    As an undergrad, I learned that there was such a thing as triple distilled water. It turns out that purifying water is really a major pain. Perhaps that's why we've adapted to drinking it less than pure.

  2. btw, I didn't mean any disrespect there. I really used to distil many different liquids in a former career life.

  3. No offense taken.

    Though I'm still a bit miffed about the whole Darcy thing. Hmmph.

    The point of distilling was supposed to be primarily convenience. Hauling water from the store can be cumbersome, especially as you use more and more. Theoretically it should cost less, too. I haven't tested yet, but it may cost about $0.36 versus about 2-3x that for store bought. Again, not a huge deal, but if you're going through 5-6 gallons a day, it could add up.

    The point of the distilled water eludes me still--perhaps it has to do with the pH?--but it does seem to work wonders.

  4. Oh, and the problem currently is that after every use the thing needs to be cleaned pretty thoroughly, or the subsequent water will taste awful.

  5. blake,

    It was just a riff off this.

    I don't get the distilled water thing either. Plants love it--tastes like rain to them. As for the pH, sure it's slightly different, and you may taste a difference, but the pH difference goes away upon ingestion. OTOH, distilled H2O is free of fluoride and other additives & impurities

    It seems to me that a commercial distiller should work more efficiently under vacuum-less heat required.

  6. Yes, mold spores are floating in the air just looking for a moist place with a little finger grease to live off. Life force is amazing. One of the coolest presents I got my son is this handheld optical magnifier that takes down-loadable photos.

    Oh, I forgot to tell you that last weekend we went twice to the shooting range. We shot that Kel Tec rifle on Saturday and we tried out a Glock .45 on Sunday.

    I'm still looking for the best time of day because noon time is just a zoo.

  7. Don't be miffed, Blake!

    I had an engagement broken, publicly, yesterday...Ron traded me, and chickenlittle and you both passed on the threesome. WTF? :)

    The only bright spot was my non-wedding in August!

    And by the had me at "Heh." ;-)

  8. Yeah, I realized that. I read the threads backwards (as I sometimes do when I'm way behind) so I didn't realize I'd made a fool of myself until I got back to Tuesday.


    Fortunately, Darcy was a good sport about it.

    Is that the Eyeclops you're talking about? Those are cool. The Flower has one. We don't have the downloading picture model, I don't think.

    I'm jealous of your range! That's a good selection of weapons there. We only get a few pistols and a couple of simple rifles. (We like the bolt action.)

    Also, we go at night, which is pretty quiet. (Though not as much these days.) Depends on when bedtime is, though, of course.

  9. Darcy,

    Gee, I guess I was just thinking about myself here. Now I feel like a complete heel.

    Is it too soon to not offer my congratulations on your non-wedding?

  10. My range is open 10-10 seven days a week, so maybe an evening visit would work better. I also could get daughter involved then, who is busy on Saturdays.

    I'm going to ask for a printed copy of what all they offer. It is amazing. But realize that there are lots of active mil and retired vets around me.

    Yes, it is an Eyclops. It has a little memory stick.

  11. Weekday nights.

    I think some guys take =dates= to the range, which isn't something that would occur to me, but makes the weekend nights sort of interesting.

    I knew Oceanside--San Diego county in general, actually--had a lot of vets but didn't put that together. That makes sense.

  12. Cheer up Darcy, the pastrami I got for you was dee-lish! should have seen it...Darcy was such a beautiful non-bride! All in non-white... Trooper refused to give her away...

    Our non-honeymoon -- or "moonhoney" as I call it -- is going swimmingly well, thanks!


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