Tuesday, April 21, 2009

They Saved Hitler's Brain!

Well, no, they saved his skull. Or just a picture of it. And it's up for sale on Ebay!

But as always, how do you know if what you're buying (on the Internet from a complete stranger who may, in fact, be a dog) when buying a prized historical artifact?

Well (as always) you should check the seller's rating and comments. And, if possible, you should compare the item against known authentic items (or at least pictures thereof).

So, for your edification, I have here an authentic X-ray of Hitler's skull for you to compare against.

Good luck, and I hope you win!


  1. That's the name of a movie that looked pretty cool.

  2. Gitler kaput?

    Oh. IMDB doesn't regard it highly.

    But then, it doesn't regard They Saved Hitler's Brain highly either.

    Which makes the whole site suspect.

  3. Everybody knows that the Red Skull and Baron Zemo stole Hitler's head and are keeping it in suspended animation with other great icons of evil like Walt Dinsey and Ted Williams. Jeeez.

  4. Hey, there's a Baron Zemo who comments over on Althouse, maybe we should ask him.

  5. Hitler? Uncle Walt? Teddy Ballgame? It's a Fenway conspiracy, I tell ya!

  6. Did they name that candy ass Malt Liquor, Zema, after Captain Zemo, or was it Elmo Zumwalt?

  7. Marvel Comics has the best ex-nazi super villians by far.


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