Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Photographs and Memories. (Or at least memories.)

Instapundit linked this interesting site called Lost Films, which is based on the brilliant premise of going around and developing the film found in old cameras.

I like cameras but I don't take a lot of pictures. My dad, who took photography rather seriously, once noted that if you're taking pictures you're not really at the event. I've found that to be true, almost tautological. (In order to take a picture of a scene, you generally have to step back from that scene.)

And so, what often happens around here is this momentary realization that an event is coming up for which pictures are usually taken. Then a check of the camera, which is most likely out of batteries. Then there's a long discussion and much pondering over where the charger is. And, while we're thinking of it, does this camera even have a charger?

Well, the last one did, but this one doesn't, so it's a matter of going to the store--of course it's inevitably late, so...

The upshot is no pix from this Easter. And the general upshot is that we end up with pictures in a flurry. After all, once the camera is set up and charged and you've remembered what all the little buttons--okay, you never really know what all the buttons do, but you can figure out the big three--it's easy to start taking pictures again.

Until the baby picks it up and starts running around with it and you have to hide it to keep her from dropping it in the toilet.

Then you forget about it.

Then comes another day when you realize, you're going to want pictures....

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