Saturday, April 11, 2009

Conversations From The Living Room, Part 12: Sometimes I'm so good, I scare myself

[watching Cars]
Me: That car is "Monk".
Flower: Which one?
Me: The yellow one!
Flower: Oh, he's in a lot of things.
Me: Yeah.
Flower: Like that finger movie.
Me: ...
Me: "You mean, Spy Kids?"
Flower: Yeah!


  1. He plays Italian pretty well. I most enjoyed him as Antonio in that airport TV show...what was that one called? It had Steven Webber and Crystal excuse for not knowing, really, now that there's if I just whistle here a little longer...Blake will just know the answer...

  2. That would be "Wings".

    I don't think I ever saw it. It had robbed Thomas Haden Church from his Fox show "Ned and Stacey".

    Okay, the show had been canceled but I reserve the right to be illogical.

  3. "Stacey" being Debra Messing, later "Grace" of "Will & Grace", which could be the show where Immanual Kant meets up with Martin Luther.

    Thanks for unstopping my mental block (it dislodged when I slapped my forehead.)

  4. That's right!

    I never watched W&G either.

  5. By far the best thing Monk ever did was the movie "Big Night" which I reccomend if you want to learn about what it takes to open a small business, specificly a restaruant. It is the best in illustrated the crapola that goes on in the restaurant business.

    Oh the best bar movie by far is Steve Buscemi's "Trees Lounge."


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