Monday, June 8, 2009

Gun Play

Guns are popular around Casa 'strom which is largely due to The Boy. I've done some gun blogging before--click here or on the "weapons" tag--but if I've written about The Boy as a driving force here, I can't find it.

Basically, I never had a toy gun until I started hanging out a lot with my friend who had a lot of toy guns, and I never held a real gun till I was about 30. And then only once. The Boy, however, loves weapons of all kinds, not least of all guns, so now we go shooting.

I've gotten worse over the years. I'm getting a little better over time, but I'm more subject to the whims of the day. (We go at night, so sometimes I'm tired when we get there.) The Boy, naturally, gets better and better. (With the occasional odd day where he's way off, though not so much since he's gotten his sugar under control.)

Last night, he selected a .22 pistol, which misfired like crazy--and it was the only .22 pistol around, so we swapped it for a .22 rifle. Rifles, of course, are easier to aim than pistols. Submitted for you scorn is my target:
The grouped ones, near-ish the center were done with the rifle. The wilder ones were the pistol.

And now, The Boy's:
The green and yellow shots around the heart were from the pistol. The pinkish holes were from the pistol. And his paper was curling in while he was shooting. Despite this, he put his last few shots through Bambi's head. The big holes in the heart come from shooting in the same place over and over again. The long streaky hole in the comes from the bullet's trajectory matching the curl of the paper.

This is probably the best he's ever done, which made me scratch my head a bit since we really haven't gone much this year. But The Boy has himself some BB and air guns that he loves and shoots around the backyard, so I wonder if that's part of the improvement.

Now I just have to figure out how to set him up a lane where he can practice with his throwing knives and such.


  1. Submitted for you scorn is my target:

    That's actually pretty good shootin' there!
    A question for you: do you wear eyeglasses? I only ask because your precision is lopsided- more to one side- I find myself doing the same thing and I think it may be parallax error from eye glass lenses.

    It took me a couple months to get my son to settle down and start caring about aim- he's been so into just the firing a different weapon each time. I finally incentivized him to care by challenging him to shooting contests with side-by-side targets using the same gun, at the same distance-this worked and he's beating me so far. But I knew he was a natural.

    I will bring a camera to the range next week and blog an update about guns and shooting.

  2. I don't wear eyeglasses, but I do have amblyopia. So sometimes I need to use the bad eye to get the better shot? It's weird.

    Can't wait to read your shooting post!


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