Thursday, June 25, 2009

Well, If You Won't Come...

...then you're uninvited!!

Seriously, I'm just keeping my head down on specific political events, but this cracks me up. It was kind of a weenie move to begin with and the rescinding looks particularly foolish and week--and sooooo junior high.

You know, maybe comedians aren't joking about it now, but the time is going to come when it's recognized that this is the funniest administration ever.


  1. Maybe depriving them of cole slaw and Ballpark Franks will finally drive them to negotiate...

    Works as well as what we've tried so far...

    But I think withholding drumsticks on Thanksgiving violates the Geneva Convention, so slow your roll, 'Bama!

  2. When I first heard they were invited... well, "WTF" doesn't even begin to cover my dumbfoundedness, if that's a word.


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