Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You Were Saying?

Quoth commenter Knox in the "Core Muscles" post:

Eventually there will be a "look" and then a "procedure" for every square inch of the body.

Reconstructive taint surgery can't be far behind, can it?


  1. Now there's -- omg, I can't believe I'm saying this -- butthole bleaching! I kid you not!

    Good grief!

  2. Hey, that has to be better than Butthole surfing.

  3. OT: started season 3 of Dexter last night. Good so far...

  4. Hey Troop,

    The Butthole Surfers, despite their odious name, had some great songs!
    Highly crankable stuff IMO

  5. The Boy is really into Dexter right now. (Yeah, I know: bad parent.) We just started Season 3, too. We've seen it before, though.

    Having watched the first two seasons, I realize that the third was good, but not up to the incredible first two.


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