Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Phrases That Should Begin MORE Movie Synopses, Part I

A bikinied sky diver (Raquel Welch)...

--Fathom (1967)


  1. I remember that movie really well. Tony Franciosa too, right? Entertaining. :)

  2. Really? That's kind of funny! I'd never heard of it before. Though it is the right age to have been playing all the time when I was a kid.

    It was a silly spy/mystery movie but cute. Lots of Racqui in a bikini and other skimpy outfits. They don't really make movies like that any more, do they?

  3. Follow the ticking time bomb (in one tracking shot, no less!) for several minutes until it blows up?

    (Touch of Evil)

  4. Redneck--

    Yeah, maybe that's it. Or maybe since porn chic, you know?

    Movies that sought to titillate with scantily clad women become less relevant as naked women abound.

    It has been observed that Russ Meyer ushered in his own demise.


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