Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gadget Lust

I'm not a gadget guy. People are often surprised by that because I have something like ten computers. But, see, I'm a computer guy. Didn't get a cell phone till my latest job required one (and gave one to me). Don't have GPS. Don't listen to satellite radio. Didn't have a DVR, until I made one myself (out of a computer).

I have many guitars and stringed instruments (like a banjo, a dulcimer, a lute), but of these only two plug in to anything. I don't own a digital watch, a calculator, a PDA, etc.

But I do occasionally get the itch. Such as with this.

I've always wanted to make some digital artwork, but I'm not very good. I get by with #2 pencils, and most of the time, what I draw is rather kid-like, at the Ed Emberley level. (Every now and again, for reasons I cannot explain, given a lot of quiet time and concentration, I can make a truly lifelike illustration.) Nonetheless, they come out kind of cute sometimes and it'd be fun to put them up here from time-to-time.

Problem is, the meager ability I have completely vanishes when I try to move to digital tools. I've always felt the lack of a really nice tablet was a big culprit there. Sadly, I can't really justify spending that kind of money. (I miss you, '90s tech bubble!)

Ah, well. A guy can dream. If he can sleep, he can dream, anyway.

Come to think of it, though, this isn't really a gadget so much as a computer peripheral. So, none of my opening ramp really applies, does it?

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