Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Today Is Not That Day, Part 5

Well, actually, yesterday wasn't that day. Pardon my lag.

The President gave a speech to all the little prisoners yesterday. You know the ones I'm talking about: The ones sentenced to 12 years of school?

I don't care what he said. Well, I do care what he said, but it's not the issue. (This is like health care: It wouldn't matter if it were perfect and free, it's not an appropriate task for government. The injury added to the insult is that it will mediocre and overpriced.)

I wouldn't always be against a speech being played in class; Pearl Harbor or 9/11, for example, the President could come out and say something, and that'd be appropriate. But just casually? Like this? Feels like Orwell.

I could make another point, too, about how the government education system creates people who are unable to survive on their own and feeds into the government welfare system, which fosters an inability to survive—and how despite all this neither system can be meaningfully reformed or eliminated—but this would just bring us to healthcare again.


  1. We were in Florida and my daughter held our grand daughter out of school. Not because of the speech, but because we were doing a photo shoot of new dresses at the beach and she was the photographers (Grandma's) assitant.

  2. I would've left it to my kids, were it relevant. Though a lot of kids didn't get in till the day after the speech here anyway.


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