Saturday, September 26, 2009

Conversations From The Living Room, Part 25: 2nd Grade Poli Sci

The Boy: "You're a racist!"
The Flower: "I am not! My best friend is black!"
The Boy: "Yes, but you oppose a black President."
The Flower: "I oppose the black President."
The Boy: "That makes you racist!"
[The Flower rolls her eyes.]

The Boy was teasing The Flower, as he often does, and she was tolerating it, as she often does, but I have to admit, I was not expecting her response to "you oppose a black President". I expected her to say she didn't oppose him. (At eight, I can't imagine being too opposed to any politician but then, my children are unlike me in many ways.) I was also mightily impressed by her distinction between the articles "a" and "the".

I think she really liked Sarah Palin. (Actually, she was a little concerned that Palin would take her spot as first female President.)

But I think from now on I'm adopting the "eye roll" rebuttal to any accusations of racism.

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