Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Make That Dream Supreme

The incomparable Steven Den Beste has a Hot Air post up about how he would change the Constitution, given the chance. It's not really radical, for the most part. I mean, it is, in the sense that the statists we've cultivated and let take over everything would find it dangerous, shocking and potentially even racist. (Not even kidding about the racist part.)

But mostly, it boils down to, "This Constitution means what it says. No, really." Point one reins in the Interstate Commerce clause, so that it only applies to, you know, inter-freaking-state commerce. Point two says the Second Amendment means what it says.

Point three specifically allows hanging, i.e., says it's not cruel and unusual punishment. I'm not big on execution, but the constant redefinition of everything as cruel and unusual strikes me as an end-run.

Point four insists that international law can't be used as precedent. I'm sure the Founding Fathers would've nodded and said, "Wait, what? Do we really have to write that down?"

Point five is term limits. I'm sort of against term limits, in the sense that I think we should be allowed to vote for whomever we choose. What really needs to happen is for these political jobs to go back to being the menial sort of janitorial work that no one really wants to do, but that they do any way because they're patriots. And even then, a term or two is more than enough to satisfy any civic requirements.

Point six says you can't agree to an international treaty that will compromise individual rights. Again, James Madison says, "WTF?"

Point seven says you can't be taxed or regulated based on carbon output. At this point, the Founding Fathers roll over in their graves and go back to their eternal rest, having concluded that we're not really serious people, worthy of their time.

Point eight is sort-of tort reform. Maybe a little too detailed for a Constitution?

Point nine says the fifth amendment means what it says, and point 10 says the 14th amendment means what it says.

A lot of the points actually reaffirm the Ninth and Tenth Amendments as well, which seem to be unpopular with the elites these past hundred years or so.

Conclusion: If you have to pass a document that says the preceding document that was agreed to is what it is, all the subsequent documents meant to affirm that will have no significance.


  1. I have heard so many great things about him over the years. Didn't he used to blog but then stopped? Is he posting regularly at Hot Air?

  2. Anime?

    OK, I totally wasn't expecting that answer.

  3. lol

    Me, neither. But I think he got tired of banging his head against the wall of stupidity.

  4. Sometimes you don't want to argue about politics all the time.

    I completely understand his point.

    Life is too short.

  5. Plus I bet he loves those Japanese porn cartoons.

    Just sayn'

  6. Holy Mackenzie Philips Batman, I followed the link and it was of Japanese school girls in gym clothes.

    Just goes to show you!

  7. Dude, even Japanese kids cartoons have little girls flashing their underwear.

    Which, as a non-pedophile, I think is kind of cute. But as a non-pedophile who knows Japanese kinks, I find it weird.


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