Monday, January 14, 2008

Albums Meme

Got this from "da Goddess". Using random wiki, random quotations and random flickr, you make a fake album for a fake group.

The only problem I ran into is that a lot of the flickr images can't be copied. For some reason I kept getting waterfowl.

This first album is from an Australian group ("South east Queensland") that combines surfer music with goth. And, uh, porno.

The second album is a little bit trickier to place. I envision a Beck-like guy, maybe combined with Loudon Wainwright. And an obsession with waterfowl. I see this guy going around with his accordion singing his #1 hit: "And now, Klooster sings "The Hungry Pelican!"

Of course, before he was a solo artist, Klooster was in a Mormon Rock Band called "Turin". Their debut album, "To Me Through Books" was a moderate success in Utah, though no one could recall Joseph Smith talking so extensively about ducks.

The tragic thing? I could do this all day.

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