Thursday, January 17, 2008

Of Oozing Skulls and other referents

On a lark, I looked through to see what people had been coming to this site looking for, and by far and away, you're here looking for the Oozing Skull review.

Honestly, people, form your own damn opinions. The Cinematic Titanic crew can't make more if you can't be bothered to buy the DVD.

Meanwhile, here were the other links:

thumb disk through washing machine
Ouch, sorry, dude.

ending to a foreword
Just a coincidence. My use of "foreword" and year end.

vincent d'onofrio
He was the bomb in Mystic Pizza

orphanarium the movie
Ha! Someone actually looked for an "orphanarium" review. For those who don't know, the word "orphanarium" was coined by the animated sci-fi comedy series Futurama.

died in a blogging accident
Wouldn't be the first.

banned words 2008
'cause you gotta know what NOT to say.

malestrom 2008
Coming in 2008: The Bit Femalestrom. I expect WAY higher hits.

dark apocalyptic films
I think these are going to be a bit-maelstrom meme.

duckling programming -ugly
Imprint with Smalltalk!

Also, someone came here through an image search on long, white, lace bloomers. Heh. Thanks, Trooper York!


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