Thursday, January 17, 2008

Raw Deal

Here's a story from Pajama Momma on raw milk that would be funny if it weren't such a blatant example of how the government protects established interests to not only the detriment of would-be competitors but to society as a whole.

We used to get raw milk delivered, but it periodically would be stopped due to, essentially, political reasons. As PJM outlines, those who try to compete are also dealt with through Congressional fiat. Of course, the justification is protecting our health.

In fact, raw milk was a problem (particularly in France) because the cows were so poorly cared for, and in such unhygienic conditions, that bacteria ran rampant, and people got sick. Pasteurization, in that context made sense. However, if you're willing to pay the extra bucks, and get your milk from well-cared-for bovines, raw milk is vastly more nutritious. And it's better tasting.

I'm pretty sure that none of this is in serious dispute. Pasteurized milk offers economy at the cost of nutrition. These days, the health risks are about the same.

Now, if you were to browse the Internet looking for information on vaccines, it would fall into three camps: the official story, the anti-vaccine crowd, and the aren't-the-anti-vaccine-crowd-stupid-crowd. That's not a quagmire I'm going to step in here, but I will point out this:

The more the authorities abuse their power to protect commercial interests with falsely inflated health issues, the more their credibility will be assailed on other fronts.


  1. ha! That's funny you brought up vaccinations. I'm one of those that do get my kids vaccinated. (I even let them eat at McDonald's on occassion, ick)

    I'm originally from San Diego and with the large illegal unvaccinated immigrant influx there I think it's wise to protect them.

    However, I do not get them vaccinated as teeny tiny babies. I wait till they're almost 2. I believe their immune system can handle it better then.

  2. Well, this is another card I think they've played wrong: "You have to get your children vaccinated when and how we tell you to, regardless of your situation or anything else, and there can be no discussion of the matter!"

    I think they're finally admitting that maybe, if your child has a compromised immune system, delaying is okay. We have to talk herd immunity, live vs. dead vaccines, etc. etc., if we're to understand.

    When they slap down everything, it creates more suspicion, and the message can't be as thoroughly controlled as it has been in the past. So they'd better start making their case with the facts rather than just saying "the science is settled".

  3. I agree with you on that. In the doctor's mind it is tantamount to child abuse that I don't get my kid's vaccinated till their older.

    I agree that the government should have no business playing parent like that.

    That's the libertarian in me. I also think it's none of their business whether I wear a seat belt or not if I'm over 18.

  4. Or do drugs, or marry six people, or...

    I really despise the argument that libs are just for this stuff because they, personally, want to do it. Some of us just don't want to spend our money stopping others from doing it.

  5. Some of us just don't want to spend our money stopping others from doing it.

    I couldn't agree more.


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