Sunday, January 13, 2008

Separated At Birth?

I am not good with faces at all. Seriously, you know the saying "they all look alike"? They all do look alike to me--and by "they", I mean everyone who isn't me. Well, not that bad, but it's my belief that "they all look alike" comes from the fact that we notice things that are extraordinary or unusual, and that's how we identify others.

So, to a person who knows few black/asian/white/whatever people, it's perfectly understandable that "they all look alike". All he sees is skin color.

Anyway, I've been working on improving my skills. I happen to live with someone who can identify an 80-year-old from a photo she's seen of the same person when they were five. So, it's a sort of self-defense thing. (By comparison, I can remember the name of the person, who they're married to, what movies they were in and who else was in those movies. A textual versus graphical memory, I guess.)

I am a big fan of the Frank Darbont movie The Green Mile and it's been on cable a lot. The sadistic turnkey, Percy Westmore (played by Doug Hutchison) looked so, so familiar to me but I couldn't place him.

It's a brilliant performance, with Percy being an unctuously evil, cowardly waste-of-space, separated from Sam Rockwell's brilliantly psychotic Wild Bill by accident of station and sheer brutality.

Where have I seen this guy before? Then I realized. He reminds me of "Kos", Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, who runs the Daily Kos. Am I way off here?

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