Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Althouse

Pick a favorite post from recent memory? Easy.

Although I've had many inspirations for this blog, Althouse is probably the primary. Not stylistically, of course: I couldn't and wouldn't write anything as sublimely provocative as the above onion rings & carrot sticks.

But I have a fairly broad range of interests. I could write a technology blog, a movie blog, a blog on current events, historical events, whatever. Althouse is an excellent example of blogging about whatever the hell you feel like whenever the hell you feel like it. (Or so it seems; she might have some grander scheme.)

So, thanks, Ann!


  1. Manual trackback: I mention you in an update to my Althouse birthday post. Just thought you should know. Nice blog you have here, and it's a pleasure to find that Thorne Smith is not only remembered, but highly regarded, by someone besides me and Michael Walker. And on another topic: Go Fred!

  2. Thanks, Hector!

    I should do a round-up of early 20th century writers of the non-English Major variety. There were some greats that don't get the press any more.

    (Go Fred!)


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