Saturday, March 15, 2008

Andy Marken's "Content Insider"

Andy's got another post up at Google Docs.

It's all about storage. This is interesting to me because it dovetails nicely with some other thoughts previously expressed here.

It doesn't really make sense for everyone to store everything. Maybe it might if storage were--let's say--3 magnitudes more capable than currently. You know, intsead of going high-end for a terabyte you were going high end for a petabyte. That would be enough to store a few hundred thousand movies, all the music you could eat, all your photos. They could boost resolution to make even this untenable but if MP3s are good enough--and they seem to be for most people--I imagine the current (non-high-def) definition formats are probably also good enough.

The popular mis-interpretation of Moore's "Law" has it that processor speeds double every 18 months which, if it held for storage, would mean we'd be "only" 15 years from that kind of storage. I was going to say that it doesn't, but thinking back, 300GB (2008)->300MB (1993)->300KB(1978) works.

So, maybe it will happen. Still, if I were a content provider, I'd be focused on charging nominal fees to provide it to people and not worrying about what they did with it after I provided it. I'd just make my own service easier to use than a pirate's.

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