Friday, March 14, 2008

Server Madness

I've been replacing the old server with a new one, and it's been going pretty spiffy.

Lots of work, though. In addition to handling a mad work situation that popped up as if aware that I was starting a new business this month. I'm wrestling through my least favorite part of any business (paperwork) though. The product is fun and interesting, to say nothing of useful.

The only problem is, it could always be better. Initially I was approaching the situation a la the old Model Fords. One size fits all. But I can't mass produce them efficiently, anyway, so I might as well add the customizations. I realized last month or so that I was actually providing a service (that of installing powerful but particular software) and not a thing (the hardware it resides on).

Though I've already got plans to make the hardware better and cheaper than an individual building for himself could. But I gotta get things off the ground first.


  1. I got a warning from my AV about "Win32/Allaple.Gen worm" when I clicked the link in this post. What's up with that?

  2. Crap! I moved the sites over from a hacked PC (to Linux), so it's not impossible.

    But I'm not sure what could possibly be infected on that site: It's just a jpg and an index.html file.

    Ohhh. I see. The index.html file referenced an object which might cause a problem under IE.

    I don't use any straight HTML on my other sites so it's not an issue there, but I'll do a thorough scan of the new machine anyway.


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