Thursday, March 20, 2008

Paul Scofield

Back in the days of Beta vs. VHS, I tried to impress my girl (or at least momentarily entertain her) with great movies she hadn't seen. One of those was A Man for all Seasons.

But when we put it in the player it just didn't seem quite right. It was...okay. Not great. Kind of cheap. Charlton Heston wasn't very good.

Wait, Charlton Heston? WTF?

Recently, we watched the right version with Paul Scofield. So, all is forgiven.

Made the same damn mistake with The Cabinet of Caligari. (Correct version here.)


  1. Hey duplicate postings. Flag on the play. Loss of down. Ten Yards.

  2. I know the feeling though. I started to put some of my comments on my little blog, but they don't work as well when they are not placed in a long comment thread. You can't have just wasabe, you need a little fish too.

  3. Heh. I was torn about where to post it. I decided both places--and to not whore the blog out. Interested people will click through, I think.

    There's something about your posts that--well, there's often a rhythm to them. They benefit from having the other posts around them. I read your blog (I think I didn't notice you had it till you gave it up, tho') and thought your posts were funnier on Althouse.

    Some might call them the "comic relief of Althouse" but I rather think most posters are Margaret Dumont to your Marx Brothers.

    And Althouse...she's Leo McCarey...

  4. Thanks there is definately a rhythm
    to the jokes. And they really suffer out of context from the posts of other commenters. For example, if you didn't know who tc the crazy guy from the Bronx who made those huge insane posts, the Grand Hotel posts don't track too well. Originally I was just posting appropriate quotes from TV and movies into the mix, but then I started to tweak them just a little so they would be more on point. Then I progressed to inventing quotations out of whole cloth. I am convinced that most people don't know that, and that is the funniest thing of all.

  5. I think you're right about people not knowing. Dunno if it's most, since I presume most people just read and don't comment. (Traditionally, the ratio was 100 lurkers to 1 commenter.)

    You have to imagine that some of them rent Grand Hotel and end up saying,"What the hell? It's a bunch of old actors talking and sh!t!"

  6. Just to have fun, on a thread where Hoosier Daddy mentioned his "classmate" Tyrone Washington in racial discussion, I started recounting what happened to my classmates, the sweathogs on Welcome Back Kotter. You would be one of the few who might pick up on that, but it is kinda amusing.

    Also the elaborate curses I am posting in foreign langauges. For translation go to

  7. Not safe for home for that matter if the boy is around the computer!

  8. I didn't pick up the reference until you said "Puerto Rican Jew".

    You know, there are sites on the web that aren't porn. Even insult sites.

    Jes' sayin'.

  9. I know, but if you want hits you need tits. Just sayn'

  10. Even Althouse follows that rule. Just a word to the wise.


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