Tuesday, March 25, 2008

An Open Dialogue on Race

I've been hearing a lot about us needing an open dialogue on Race. And here at the Bit Maelstrom, we're not afraid to court controversy, so I'm going to invite all comers to express their feelings about this sensitive topic.

I'll start.

Frankly, I think Race was straight, and just very committed to the boys and Dr. Quest. I think this sort of pomo evaluation of this person or that person as being gay is just revisionism. Further, I'd like to think we'd moved beyond the point where the occasional "experiment" or supportive cuddling results in childish name calling.

OK, you're up.


  1. Look, I grant you that Race is ambigous, but there is no doubt that Speed Racer is gay. I mean his brother is named Spritle after all. And Racer X is his other brother whose real name is Fukumen.
    It can't be any clear than that.

  2. Bah! A common trope unworthy of a debater of your caliber! Fukumen was beligerent, his name meant to be an affront, not an invitation.

    Now, Speed? Sure. There's a reason Trixie's still a virgin. And it ain't 'cause the monkey wasn't trying.

  3. I'll give you Race, but what was up with Hadjii and Bandit? Is it gay when it's a male dog?
    And Johnny? Well, he was always into a little "experimentation", they didn't name him "Johnny Quest" for nothing.

  4. We must be fair. These were different times and cartoon characters were more prone to experiment. Everybody knows about the sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll that went on in the "Mystery Machine".

    But it's fair to point out this has historical precedent. Bugs himself was a notorious cross-dresser, and his motives there--luring the straight-laced Elmer Fudd into his own recreation of M. Butterfly--cannot be denied.


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