Thursday, March 20, 2008

Today on "The Boy vs the HBO series 'John Adams'"...

"Actually, only six of the soldiers were acquitted. Adams got the other two off on a technicality."


  1. You can tell him one of the favorite pastimes of the Revolutionary Army was nit-picking.
    Of course they were actual nits that they picked. You can look it up.

  2. Speaking of nits, did Lucky really return to Althouse?

  3. No, that was just a jibe at this pompous dude Norman Rogers who suddenly shows up and tells everyone how to comport themselves. He was pretty pompous and struck a lot of the same cords as our friend lucky. Lucky was actually Maxine and she/he has been strangly absent these past few weeks. When the professor came to my store, I meant to ask her if she blocked Maxine, but I didn't get a chance to do so. But that might have been a possiblity. It's always a lot of fun when people start to pontificate about how other people post. The professor asked me if I thought Titus was over the line, and I told her he was pretty funny and she could just let it ride. He crosses the line every once in a while, but I am sure that I do too, so she agreed that you have to cut some slack if you want an interesting comment section. That shows some guts and is pretty different from most blogs. Thats why I post there alot. But by the way, you blog is great and I hope we can drive up traffic. My suggestion, more shots of naked babes. Or at least links. Just sayn'

  4. Rogers almost certainly has to be a troll, probably known to Althouse regulars, eh?

    More naked babes? I don't have any naked babes, do I?

    Still, the people want boobs.

    Nice to see Batman and Robin back on the Althouse.


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