Monday, March 3, 2008

"My taste includes both snails and oysters."

Not mine, but Lawrence Olivier's as Crassus in Spartacus.

I didn't recognize him. The young Lawrence Olivier in Pride and Prejudice 20 years earlier, and the decrepit Olivier of Jazz Singer and Dracula--but this middle-aged one for some reason didn't trigger recognition.

I've seen something like a zillion different references and parodies of Spartacus but never sat down to watch it until just now. (I like Kubrick, but I have to be in the right mood. I've never been able to sit through 2001.)

I was going to wonder here why, unlike his former wife, the late Janet Leigh, Tony Curtis had gone into retirement, but then I see from IMDB that he hasn't. Huh. The best work I've seen him do, though, was in The Sweet Smell of Success. Not even a nomination for that. That year, Red Buttons one the Oscar for best supporting actor for Sayonara.

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