Friday, December 26, 2008

The Cat

Troop has a bit up about the late Earth Kitt who I would tend to agree was the least sexy of the "Catwoman" actresses, as long as she wasn't singing. (All bets are off for women who can sing, at least for me.)

Julie Newmar blows me away every time, though. In this "then and now" photo, the "now" is within the last year. She would be about 75.

Newmar, of course, got her start playing "Stupefyin' Jones" in the bizarre musical adapation of "Li'l Abner". Stupefyin' Jones was so beautiful she turned men to stone. Newmar is entirely plausible in that role.


  1. It's the waist to hips ratio- I'm guessing 23/36 or 23/37. It's actually pretty rare.

  2. 37-23-37

    The late Maila Nurmi had a 36-21-35 and was not quite half-a-foot shorter.

    I'm actually rather glad that women develop stronger abs these days, but I think it's also why we see fewer wasp-waists.

  3. From Wiki: She holds three U.S. patents: 3,914,799 and 4,003,094 for "Pantyhose with shaping band for Cheeky derriere relief" and 3,935,865 for "Brassiere."

    Don't even laugh or smirk. It actually takes talent and determination to pull that off.

    Her "personal life" blurb is hoot too- a neighbor dispute with Jim Balushi- later spoofed? Blake, this woman deserves way more attention than for just her gorgeous, perfect bod.

  4. I neither laugh nor smirk at Ms. Newmar.

    Sometimes I point.

    I didn't see any patent info. I saw an indication that she has some sort of health problem but not what it was.

  5. Geez, chickenlittle. That was pretty good guessing!

  6. I wouldn't have guessed the superstructure dimensions though. Somehow I never thought her as busty. That first memory cell is still occupied by Ms. Welch.

  7. It's the 5 11" thing.

    Julie Strain is about 6' 1" and looks well-endowed-but-proportionate with D-cup bolt-ons.

    A five-foot-tall woman with the same D-cups has only one career option in life....

  8. Julie, your black undies called, they're embarassed.


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