Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dueling Lasses

Troop's been letting his freak fly now that he can embed pics into his blog and riffed off of something I said at Althouse to post a picture of Dana Delaney as head of the newly minted Department of Discipline.

Now, I like Dana Delaney. I think Dana Delaney is delicious. I watched "China Beach" until I got tired of watching her sulk all the time. It took several seasons. Except for her performance in the otherwise flawless Tombstone, I have nothing bad to say about her.

But if we're talking Irish lasses, Delaney had a co-star on that show, a young lady who had also appeared on "Hill Street Blues", and whom I've always preferred. So, take this, Trooper York:

Megan Gallagher! She also had a chance to strut her soulful-stuff on the short-lived series Millennium. Someone needs to put these Irish women in things where they're actually allowed to smile....


  1. I really couldn't place who this was by this photo, but googled, and remember her.

    Very pretty. And I did like her on Millenium. That show was sort of a downer, though. I couldn't get into it. Loved Hill Street Blues, though.

    Go Irish! (and I don't mean Notre Dame) My great grandmother was from Ireland.

  2. I see you one Mehgan and raise you one Bridget Hanley.

    I have to stop watching poker after dark.

  3. Millenium tried to capture that X-Files mystique, but I think we were on to Chris Carter by that point, i.e., we knew he had no idea how to resolve any of the situations he set up.

    Sort of J.J. Abrams of the '90s.

  4. Troop,

    I'll see your Bridget Hanley and raise you ... an Irish chick to be named later.


    I used to be Irish. Then I found out I was adopted....


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