Friday, December 5, 2008

Treadmill Desk, weeks 14 & 15

I decided around week 13 to take it easy and see if my feet would recover from the previous several months of abuse. They did, but they were quick to remind me of their feelings on the whole 30+-hours-a-week of walking when I started up again, so I opted to get some shoes.

So, a couple hours later and a $117 (!) poorer, I'm now back in business.

As a side note, we've been doing a lot the Wii Fit around here, too, and it's interesting to me how little the walking helps as far as doing Wii Fit games and exercises. If anything, I'm weaker after doing 4-8 hours of walking. Presumably that will change. (Or I'll just continue deteriorating unto my untimely death.)

I think Jack LaLanne said that exercising was supposed to be a pain in the ass. He also says you're supposed to exercise them all, every day, but there's no agreement on how many there are, apparently--estimates range from the 600s to the 800s--so I don't know how you're supposed to do that. It's darkly amusing that you could miss exercising the 798th muscle and end up plummeting to your death or having a fatal fibrulomantosis because you missed one tiny muscle.


  1. I hope you went to one of those running/walking shoe boutiques.

    In principle I don't like this sort of metro-sissy-creation (I have three of them within a 1/8 mile radius of each other--for perspective consider that there's only one Starbucks in that area, though it is a two story Starbucks.) After all I'm buying shoes, this isn't rocket science. And, isn't it somewhat safe to buy the most expensive item, no matter what you're looking for?

    Not true for running shoes. The process of trying many different shoes on the street and having the store's staff watch me run has lead me to buy shoes that I would never have found on my own. And, they're the best I've ever had!!

  2. Actually, yes, I did, and I feel the same way about those things as you do.

    We have a boutique here called Phiddipides. Everyone said prepare to spend an hour there so I did. (Well, maybe 45 minutes.)

    I walked in, told the guy my shoe size, tried one pair that was too skinny, and the next pair was the one I bought.


    'course, now that I'm in them for an hours, the right shoe fits perfect, but the left shoe's arch support seems too far forward. I can't figure out if I should try to get a shoe that conforms to my foot or maybe try to make my foot conform to the shoe.

  3. Well now you've got questions that require a boutique running/walking shoe place!

    [For the record, I should clarify that there is only one Starbucks in that particular 1/8 mile area. I'm in my Seattle house where we have plenty of Starbucks in this area as whole.]

  4. A fatal what? This post is the only place that Google can find that word. Congrats!

  5. Making up medical conditions and terms is good for you.

    It stimulates your helioglottis.


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