Monday, December 29, 2008


Have you ever been in love
With a man who's sensitive?
Have you ever spent the night
With a man that cries?

Well, that's me, I'm sensitive
And I cry, I'm crying right now
In a manly way
Because I know some day

You will be soft-rocked by me
--Jonathan Coulton


  1. Some chicks dig the sensitive guys.

    But just because he's sensitive doesn't mean he isn't also a jerk.

  2. Just terrible, an intrasexual for sure.

  3. I'll admit I made this mistake in high school and somewhat in college. It wasn't so much the "sensitive" as much as the "different" guys, the non-jock type. I did pay for it dearly, once, and learnt my lesson the hard way. "Learnt"... is that a word?

  4. 'tis a real word, even used by normal Brits (and strange Americans).

    The topic's interesting to me because I can see tendencies in myself and I like how in the article, the women still defend him--he doesn't mean to be an asshole. (I don't see that as mitigating.)

    I'm not that guy, I hasten to say. But I can feel sorry for the women who fall for it. It's sort of in the "it's not a lie if you believe it" category.


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