Friday, March 6, 2009

All You Need Is Loaf?

For February, The Boy's blood sugar averaged 155. In the last two weeks of February, about the time we started with the water, it averaged 122. He seems to be keeping it in that low range, despite having cut his mealtime insulin by 25%.

This is good. The doctor reminds us that he's not actually on the program yet. He's just gearing up with the water and the green drink. (The "green drink" is basically a bunch of leafy greens fed through a juicer. Tastes as good as it sounds.) He's been doing some changes in his diet, as well, though that's been milder than it probably will need to be once we're actually on the program. But besides blood sugar, he's been sleeping well, and longer. The sickness passed last weekend, and he has only a mild nausea (also predicted by the doc).

As for me, well, the phenomena mentioned in earlier posts continue to persist. I didn't really mention the energy thing because "I feel so alert and full of energy" is such a cliché, and easily the most placebo-influenced effect at all. (Really: Change up your diet and exercise and start a new plan, and you'll find morale-related effects kick in immediately, even if the diet and exercise aren't very good.) A very concrete effect I've noticed is that after a difficult night (which is not rare when you have a bunch of kids) that gets cut short, I can still function very well and without the mid-afternoon drowsiness. I'm still tired and I fall asleep in the evening if my sleep is cut short, but my awake time is not overwhelmed with the urge to go unconscious.

There are also things I didn't mention because I'm not Titus. (Suggested in the title of this post.) Things have definitely improved in the area of his favorite subjects.

In the interest of full disclosure I should point out that I just lost a tiny piece of a molar. No pain; it just came out while flossing. The tooth pain I described earlier that went away is still gone. (Hmmm, but this piece is on the same side so I need to get to a dentist to figure out what's going on.) The mouth phenomena could be a complete coincidence.

Also, I'm feeling somewhat "acidic" at night, which, given the changes in body chemistry the water and juice might be bringing is worth watching. (The doctor wants me to do the full program at the same time, but I'm not sure I want to shift the focus away. On the other hand, the tests involved keep you from going too far one way or the other.) Come to think of it, though, this may be akin to the nausea the boy is feeling.

And, while it's not easy to drink this much water and still eat enough to maintain one's weight, I'm in there pitching. Still haven't lost anything. Heh.

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