Sunday, March 1, 2009

Janet Leigh-Palooza.

There's some fascinating stuff about having a blog, but one big factor is the randomity of it. If you're casually blogging (as I am) and having a low-traffic blog (as I do), your traffic can reflect sudden dramatic changes that are...unexpected.

Like, I get a bunch of hits on "barbarian sex" and "cowboy sex", which just makes me feel guilty. Last week, I got a swarm of Alex Lotorto hits. (Thanks, Alex! And thanks to Andy Levy for tweeting that awesome video.)

Yesterday? All of a sudden, everyone's mad about Janet Leigh! Weird.

Well, give the people what they want, I always say. (I also say, "No one will vote for a flattend-out rabbit skin" but that's another story.)


  1. I consider you to be avant blog, so it's kinda funny when you post skin and nobody shows.

  2. Actually, the cheesecake is for the lurkers. The only one who consistently comments on them is TY.


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