Thursday, March 12, 2009

Treadmill Desk, Week 10

Friday: 390 minutes

Good start. I'm finding my walking shoes inadequate to the task, however. I walked yesterday and today in some stiff soled sandals.

Saturday: 130 minutes

Sunday: 75 minutes

Monday: 300 minutes so far....360 in toto.

Tomorrow is a day at the doctor's so there won't be as much time to tread, but if I can get another six hours on Wednesday and Thursday, that'll be pretty good for the week.

Tuesday: 130 minutes

Wednesday: 240 minutes

It was hard to get these four hours in today. Too many things pulling me away from my desk....

Thursday: 430 minutes.

Hey, that's 27 and 3/4 an hour. Not too shabby. Tomorrow's an in-the-office day, so light on the treadmill. But that's okay; my feet are recuperating very quickly these days.

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