Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cleaning Out The Notebook

Back when Bill Maher was funny--no seriously, stop rolling your eyes like that! He was funny back in the mid-'90s when "Politically Incorrect" was on Comedy Central and he did this bit at the end of some shows with another comedy writer (whose name I can't remember) called "cleaning out your notebook".

Basically, these were little jokes, sometimes not quite fully developed, that were humorous thoughts of the day. It was often the best part of the show, and the other guy was really funny and had a style that was a refreshing change from the rest of the show.

This actually has nothing to do with what I'm doing over the next few days, which is "cleaning out the blog draft pages". The new version of blogspot shows drafts together and so I can look at all the stuff I started but never posted over the past year or so. If it passes muster, I'll be posting and offering a little note where applicable about what spurred the message and why I didn't post it when it was timely.

Of course most of the posts are empty or false starts to things I did post, and often the ones that are fleshed out can only be explained with "I forgot" or "I don't know", but the OCD in me says to do this anyway. And we're all victims of my disease.

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