Saturday, March 28, 2009

Free Baby!

No, I'm not giving away babies, Freeman Hunt had herself a Freebaby yesterday evening while you were watching "Supernanny"! I mean, really, if you watched less TV and concentrated your efforst, you could probably come up with something pretty cool, too.

Probably not as cool as a Freebaby, but still.

I'm hoping the pix turn up on her blog.


  1. Welcome, Freebaby! This is SO exciting!

    Nice thoughts, Blake.

  2. See what you miss when you're not a twitterer?

  3. I had to take a twit the other night and I didn't feel it you know what I mean.

  4. Thanks, guys! Everyone in the Freefamily is doing great, and we're happy to be home. :)

    All went great aside from the unexpected "natural childbirth" sans anesthesia, and we came home with a happy, healthy boy, so all is well. Hooray!

    Probably won't be on the computer much for a while...

  5. aside from the unexpected "natural childbirth" sans anesthesia,

    Holy crap!!

    Congratulations, and kudos for making it through that.


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