Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Have I Mentioned Lately...

...that homeschooling rocks?

Have you been following this story? The girl's gonna be in college by the time the issue gets settled. Wait, no, she'd be 19 now and already in college.

It's not just the thought of adult authority figures demanding your child debase herself, it's the fact that they she was an honor student who gave no reason for them to mistrust her--and that's precisely why they mistrusted her!

Lack of evidence of guilt = evidence of a criminal mastermind!

Should anyone this stupid be in charge of any sort of education?


  1. Yes, so you can see why they felt it was necessary to humiliate her and take actions that would necessarily be expensive for everyone.

  2. Someone suspected her of having brought something completely innocuous to school. Heathers, playing halfwits for fools. "Zero tolerance" is nothing but a way for bureaucrats to avoid having to use judgment. Got a tip — got to strip-search you. Joys of the prohibition regime.

    If the girl has good lawyers who can get plenty of discovery testimony, it may come out that the school administrators have done this sort of thing before.

  3. Hector,

    IIRC, a girl was caught with ibuprofen and deflected the wrath of the authorities by saying she got them from the accused.

    This set the chain of events in motion.

    As it turns out, the accused has a lawyer for a mom.

  4. Just read the NY Times article linked from the Hot Air piece that you linked.

    So I was right about Heathers: Ms. Redding, now 19, described the middle-school cliques and jealousies that she said had led to the search. “There are preppy kids, gothic kids, nerdy types,” she said. “I was in between nerdy and preppy.”

    One of her friends since early childhood had moved in another direction. “She started acting weird and wearing black,” Ms. Redding said. “She started being embarrassed by me because I was nerdy.”

    When the friend was found with ibuprofen pills, she blamed Ms. Redding, according to court papers.

    Kerry Wilson, the assistant principal, ordered the two school employees to search both students. The searches turned up no more pills.

    When you have rules, there's no need for judgment.

    But I get so confused, sometimes. You have to take the Ritalin, but you can't have an Ibuprofen or a Midol.

  5. This, now, this is really cute:

    The school district does not contest that Ms. Redding had no disciplinary record, but says that is irrelevant.

    “Her assertion should not be misread to infer that she never broke school rules,” the district said of Ms. Redding in a brief, “only that she was never caught.”

    Closer to 1984 with every passing moment.


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