Thursday, March 5, 2009

Treadmill Desk, Week 9

Friday: 400 minutes

Monday: 75 minutes

Tuesday: 340 minutes

Wednesday: 240 minutes

Thursday: 300 minutes (so far)....355 in total.

To round it out to 1400 minutes or...23 hours and 20 minutes. Close to what I did back on Feb 5th.

Lubed the 'mill today. Weird thing happened: I couldn't find the lube in the stores, and the lube from Sole hadn't arrived. Since I was starting to hearing--probably imaginary--noises come from the 'mill, I decided to get some overnighted from Amazon.

This morning, the package arrives and it's not at all what I ordered. It doesn't look like the right brand, there's no applicator want, and the "instructions" consist of a folded up paper that don't look like they apply to my machine.

So I call Sole, give 'em my sob story, they say, it's okay, just use the tube, it'll be fine. (There's some scary stuff about warranty voiding in the manual.) And, by the way, I should've got the shipment yesterday by FedEx. But they'll send out another.

Meanwhile, I'm getting ready to fire off a nasty review on Amazon, but first I lube the 'mill up and...a package from Amazon arrives. It contains the exact thing I ordered.

Light bulb goes on.

Oh, right. The "crappy lube" must've come from the company. (I didn't receive the package and it wasn't in a FedEx envelope.)

Called Sole back, apologized for being an idiot. Life goes on.


  1. Your lucky Titus doesn't read your blog, he would have enjoyed all these 'lube' references entirely too much.

  2. And one of these years I'll get you're and your unmixed up in my head.

  3. I've got a loaf post coming, so, you know...courage.


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